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Harrington College of Design Student Work and Academic Journal: Space Thresholds

Constantine Vasilios employs field trips and academic writing as methods of teaching acquired from Charles W. Moore.  Above is the result of student field trips to the Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois.

The inspiration for Space Thresholds comes from an essay by Louis Kahn who in turn was inspired by a Persian poet. He describes a priestess walking through her garden in the spring, hurriedly going through it to get to her house. When she comes to the threshold of her house she marvels at it and is transfixed by what she sees inside. Her maid in waiting rushes to her and says, "Priestess, Priestess, look without and see the wonders God has made!" And the priestess responds, "Yes, yes, but look within and see God."

Constantine Vasilios is editor and contributing writer for Harrington's Academic Journal, Space Thresholds.



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